Highway One Trust


Highway One Trust was founded in 2016 to support organisations that are following paths towards long-term and lasting change. We make grants and provide support and advice to registered UK and international charities, and to other non-profit-making bodies whose activities relate to our objects.

Our focus is on seven areas:

  1. Disfiguring medical conditions
  2. Women in need
  3. Prison and Injustice
  4. Poverty, economic regeneration and homelessness
  5. Internet and mobile networks
  6. Singleness
  7. Christianity

We commissioned this report in 2017 to inform our giving in the fifth of these area: Internet and mobile networks. It was also to identify gaps in the literature where we might find futher research. Since then, we have supported organisations that focus on anti-bullying, internet safety for young people, and the development of fair and effective government policy.

In 2019 we reviewed and refurbished the report, updating the organisations covered, references, and links where necessary.

We hope that by sharing this report, we can help others who, like us, are working to make the Internet a better place for everyone.