Highway One Trust

The Highway One Trust is an independent grant-making charitable trust founded in 2016. We fund a wide range of organisations and charities working to support positive change in a variety of areas.

Why Highway One Trust?

Highway One is the largest and longest network of roads in the world, circumnavigating the entire Australian continent.

The aim of Highway One is to support those who are following long roads and difficult paths towards long term and lasting change. It could support initiatives that are simple and practical but generally this isn’t about quick relief or “in/out” interventions or activities that may get lots of media attention.

There is a long list of objects but that does not mean we will be putting funding towards all of them at any given time. We are just at the start and will be focussing on one or two objects at any given time.

  1. Disfiguring medical conditions
  2. Mental health
  3. Prison and injustice
  4. Poverty, economic regeneration and homelessness
  5. Internet and mobile networks
  6. Singleness
  7. Christianity

Funding process

The policy of Highway One is for the trustees and the researcher to identify potential recipient organisations rather than receive applications. We do not usually respond to unsolicited applications, however, if you feel your work or project meets our criteria, you may send an email outlining the work or project in no more than fifty words to the researcher at info@highwayonetrust.com.

Please do not send any information in the post as we do not have the capacity to review or store material that we have not requested.